Homeschool info

We often get the question, "Is Keystone the same as homeschooling my child?"  The answer is usually "Yes and No". 

Every state has different laws about who needs to register as a homeschool student.  Because Keystone is so flexible and does not require students to log in on a regular schedule, some states require the parents to register their student as a homeschool student, meaning that the parents are taking responsibility for the student's school attendance.  Some states have very strict requirements, while others have no requirements at all about registering.  It is up to Keystone parents to determine their own state's requirements, if any, and submit any necessary documentation.  Keystone does not prepare any of the forms or submit any documentation for you, but we can help you locate documents that you may need to submit such as syllabi and course descriptions. Failing to register as a homeschool student when a state requires it can have serious legal consequences, so it is important to research this topic carefully.

If you are unfamiliar with the homeschool laws in your state, we suggest you contact the Department of Education in your state to get the most accurate information.  There are a number of other homeschool sites online, as well as homeschool associations and groups that post helpful information.  The following link gives a good state by state summary of homeschool laws:

You may need to register your student as a homeschool student, but keep in mind that Keystone is a licensed and accredited school. We offer a high school diploma, and our teachers are state certified and supportive.  If you have questions about the possible need to register your student as a homeschool student, contact Student Services.